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Back to Work

Supporting jobseekers, community and economy with the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs.

Back to Work offers support for eligible jobseekers who need or want to update their skills to gain, change, or retain employment. The program provides an opportunity for jobseekers and those at risk of unemployment to upskill and retrain for jobs to keep pace with a changing Queensland economy. 

Back to Work Teams are based throughout Queensland to support both employers and jobseekers locally. Teams include an Employer Officer, a Jobseeker Officer and in some regions a Youth Jobseeker Officer (North Queensland and Far North Queensland only). These teams work in collaboration with employers, service providers and community representatives to assist in building regional employment solutions that meet both current and emerging local needs.


Back to Work Revitalised Program Launched for Jobseekers January 2022

The Back to Work Revitalised program launched on 01 July 2021 to provide financial and non-financial support to Queensland employers. TAFE Queensland are delighted to announce that new financial and non-financial assistance will also be available to eligible disadvantaged jobseekers under the program from 01 January 2022.


Pre-employment Program (PEP)

A range of intensive support will be available to jobseekers from targeted cohorts who live in an eligible region of Queensland under a new Pre-Employment Program (PEP) managed by Back to Work Jobseeker Officers:

  • One-on-one support from a dedicated Back to Work Jobseeker Officer based within the jobseeker’s region, who will work with them to determine their goals and close barriers to employment.
  • The Work Preferences Questionnaire by Harrisons provides an in-depth analysis of a person’s interests, task preferences, strengths, potential de-railers, and work environment preferences to guide the jobseeker towards a career that best suits their strengths.
  • Resume Writing, Interview Skills and Online Profile Assistance.
  • Funding for training - via C3G Plus a jobseeker will have the opportunity to access further subsidised training opportunities aligned to their strengths and local employment opportunities.
  • Jobseeker Support Pool - financial assistance to support jobseekers to overcome barriers to employment.


PEP Eligibility 

Eligible cohorts:  young people (15-24 years), long term unemployed people (unemployed for 52 weeks or more), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people with a disability.

Eligible regions: Central QLD, Far North QLD, North QLD, North West QLD, South West QLD, Whitsundays/Mackay/Isaac, Wide Bay Burnett

Eligible South-East QLD LGAs: Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Logan, Moreton Bay, Scenic Rim, Somerset.


C3G Boost Closure - Important announcement

Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost (C3G Boost) funding ceased on 31 December 2021, with final applications accepted up to COB Friday 10 December 2021 (to ensure processing prior to Christmas closure periods). C3G Boost letters raised up to 17 December 2021 will remain valid for 3 months for enrolment. Under no circumstances will letters be backdated.


C3G Plus – New fund source

Certificate 3 Guarantee Plus (C3G Plus) funding is a new fund source attached to the Back to Work Revitalised program. This funding is not the same as C3G Boost and is subject to different eligibility criteria and a new application process. C3G Plus will provide eligible jobseekers with a true second chance* “second chance” at accessing subsidised training aligned with local jobs. Please note that Foundation Skills training referrals will not be required under this fund source, though can be supported under general Certificate 3 Guarantee arrangements. Fund codes for enrolment will be the same as previously used under C3G Boost – BW3 (C3G) or BWH (HLS). Enrolment eligibility checks remain the responsibility of the SAS provider under their existing 21-22 VET Skills Assured Supplier (SAS) Agreement for Queensland VET Investment and must be conducted prior to enrolment.

*Second chance refers to post school:

  • Second qualification at Cert 3 level where no higher level qualification exists
  • Second qualification at the Cert IV/Diploma level

C3G Plus is not required where student has a Cert 3 and is wanting to progress to a Cert IV or Diploma.


C3G Plus eligibility 

Target cohorts:  young people (15-24 years), long term unemployed people (unemployed for 52 weeks or more), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with a disability, mature aged people (aged 45 years and over), and women.

Eligible regions: Central QLD, Far North QLD, North QLD, North West QLD, South East QLD (North), South East QLD (South), South West QLD, Whitsundays/Mackay/Isaac, Wide Bay Burnett.

Eligible employment statuses: Unemployed people and those at-risk of losing employment.


Back to Work revitalised Jobseeker application process 

On 01 January 2022, our new application form was launched on this webpage - this form pre-screens a jobseeker’s eligibility for both C3G Plus and the Pre-employment Program (PEP). A jobseeker will be invited to complete a further form or forms depending upon what they are eligible for, and under the PEP will also have to complete a pre-employment planning session(s) with a Jobseeker Officer.


Back to Work Jobseeker officers

 Back to Work Jobseeker Officers are based within TAFE Queensland across the state, and their role is to support unemployed/underemployed  jobseekers or employees that are at risk of unemployment, to identify and connect with training and skills development linked to local employment.



If you would like to speak with a Jobseeker Officer in your area to talk about your options, complete the online application form by following the instructions and a Jobseeker Officer will give you a call to discuss your individualised options.

Back to Work news

Back to Work continues to add new initiatives to its program. Please visit the official Back to Work webpage to stay up to date on any changes to the program as they are released. 

Back to Work Pre-Screening Application Form

Please note the following important information:

Only the jobseeker can lodge their application, as the form contains elements of consent that only the funding applicant can agree/not agree to. A referral party must not lodge the application on somebody else's behalf. Applications that are found to have been completed by a third party will not be accepted.

The standard processing time for Back to Work (Regional) applications is 7 days and (South East Queensland) applications 10 days from date of submission. Processing times may extend where additional evidence is requested from a jobseeker to support their application or if contact cannot be obtained with the applicant.

Please monitor your email inbox and mobile phone during this period for correspondence.

The career and training assessment interview is conducted via telephone by a Back to Work Jobseeker Officer, and is required in order to determine your eligibility for C3G Boost funding under the Back to Work program. The interview can take up to 30 minutes.

Only 3 attempts at contact will be made by a Back to Work Jobseeker Officer, after which it will be assumed that you do not wish to proceed with your application and your file will be closed out.

If you have a confirmed course start date that is within the standard processing times email the BTW team on to flag your application as urgent, however this is not a guarantee that your application will be assessed by your requested date. Due to the high volume of applications we receive and the number of applications that are flagged as urgent, we are not always able to accommodate urgent requests.

We recommend that all applicants wishing to access C3G Plus funding submit their applications a minimum of 6 weeks prior to start of study, to allow for the standard application processing time and the possibility of additional time required for you to provide evidence to support an eligibility decision.

Back to Work initiatives

Enterprise skills for youth

The Back To Work Youth Team is providing a unique opportunity for youth aged between 15 and 24 years to access additional funds for short courses and support services for eligible youth applications. 

Back to Work Jobseeker Assistance – Suppliers Expression of Interest

Back to Work is seeking expressions of interest from eligible training providers who offer short courses across a range of study areas to become preferred suppliers for Back to Work funded programs.

Funding Options


TAFE Queensland’s micro-credentials are short, highly targeted courses designed to help you improve a specific skill.

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Skills Boost

Skills Boost is a State Government initiative that provides a second training subsidy for eligible individuals who want to update their skills to go further in their current job or pursue a different career.

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JobTrainer funded courses will help provide skills that Queensland needs for effective recovery from the pandemic. The program targets growth areas, and those have been hit hardest by the pandemic—helping fill existing skills needs or assist in reskilling.

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Subsidies explained

Learn more about the different subsidies available to TAFE Queensland students.

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